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The Ready to Enjoy
Kentucky Bourbon Beverage 
9% ABV. Game Changer.

Horse Neck is a Kentucky Bourbon beverage drink designed especially and unashamedly for those who love their Bourbon neat, on a rock or in a cocktail. Those who love variety in their drinks – like craft beer or a strong cider sometimes. It’s for those who appreciate a hard seltzer but want a little more kick, more sophistication. To save the embarrassment of ordering, you know, a White Claw.  Horse Neck gives you freedom. The freedom to enjoy a one-of-a-kind Bourbon drink exactly the way you want it. 



Our Bourbon Ginger Ale is a Horse Neck signature flavor that's based on the traditional Bourbon-Ginger cocktail but with a twist – a touch more  bitters and lime. This flavor will soon be a go-to choice for those wanting a more traditional casual drink with the delicious flavor of aged Kentucky Bourbon.  

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Our Bourbon Mule Spice is like the Horse Neck signature flavor based on the traditional Bourbon-Ginger cocktail but with a touch of heat to give it its deliciously distinctive taste. It's the perfect choice for a poolside refreshment or pre-dinner cocktail with friends. 




Our Bourbon Cherry Rye is the most distinct flavor in the Horse Neck herd.  The unique combination of ginger, a slightly sour dark cherry, a dash of bitters, along with high rye Kentucky Bourbon, makes this drink a stand out and will leave you craving for another...and another. 

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Shadow on Concrete Wall



Our Bourbon La Paloma is based on a popular Tequila cocktail but of course, we've created it with aged Kentucky Bourbon. When combined with sweet Ruby Red Grapefruit juice with it's deep citrus flavor, and the woody,  caramel notes of the Bourbon, your palete will come alive.

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