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An American Original.



A Premium Kentucky Bourbon Beverage
9% ABV

Kentucky Straight Bourbon
No Sugar Added 
Made with Real Juice

9% ABV 
No Artificial Ingredients
4 Handcrafted Cocktail Recipes

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Inspired by an American Original Recipe

As a cocktail, Bourbon and Ginger stems from a medicinal concoction from the 1800s: the Horse’s Neck. The Horse’s Neck was a simple tonic comprised of ginger ale, a bit of ice, bitters, and a twist of lemon. The tonic was later upgraded to include brandy, considered excellent for calming coughs and sore throats. Around the turn of the century, folks soon began substituting brandy with Bourbon and the delightful match of Bourbon and Ginger was born.  Today, Horse Neck is the ready-to-enjoy premium Kentucky Bourbon beverage offered in four delicious recipes – all inspired by an American original reimagined. Be ready to be delighted by the originality of Horse Neck. It's one of a kind.  

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It Starts with Aged
Kentucky Bourbon

Bourbon whiskey is America's native spirit. It's a tightly regulated product that must be produced in the United States and has several distinct characteristics. By far, Bourbon is the fastest growing and most popular style of American whiskey and it's among the best-loved styles of whiskey worldwide. Kentucky has long been the "home" of Bourbon because of the state's natural resources. In fact, 90% of all Bourbon is produced in Kentucky. From the area's limestone base and hard water to the fertile soil that's perfect for corn, and the ideal climate conditions for barrel aging, Kentucky is the perfect place to make great Bourbon – and it’s the source for the fine aged Bourbon used in every can of Horse Neck.

No junk, no sugar.
Just clean ingredients. 


What makes Horse Neck a premium beverage? From the rich caramel flavor of aged Kentucky Bourbon to the clean, natural ingredients, Horse Neck stands alone in the spirt-based ready-to-drink (RTD) market. No sugar or any artificial sugar substitutes are added to Horse Neck.  We only use natural sweeteners to appropriately sweeten our products. Then there are the high-quality essential ingredients used to make each flavor profile unique, distinct and delicious. We use real fruit juice like ginger, lime, dark cherry, grapefruit and lemon. Our recipes have been carefully crafted to bring out the best flavors that compliment the layered flavors found in Kentucky Straight Bourbon. Enjoy!

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For those not willing to settle for an ordinary hard seltzer or cocktail.

Beyond being a favorite with an older, affluent crowd, the rising popularity of Bourbon has been driven by a younger generation who have now widely embraced Bourbon as a preferred choice in their dark spirits. And when your casual drink choice is to not settle for another overly-fruity malt seltzer or a too-sweet cocktail beverage or even a beer -- then you're looking for Horse Neck, a unique Kentucky Bourbon beverage that is as sophisticated as it is delicious. 

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