Horse Neck Gives

As a company, we are committed to supporting worthy organizations that lead the way in making a difference. By supporting and enjoying Horse Neck, you also join in our community effort and are a key participant in making a difference in this world. On behalf of the entire gang here at Horse Neck and all the beneficiaries of your generosity, we want to say thank you! Below is the current Horse Neck charity that we support.

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Make Your Next Horse Be an Ex-racehorse

New Vocations is the oldest and largest racehorse adoption program in the country, serving more than 500 horses a year. Since their inception in 1992, they've carried out their mission to rehabilitate, retrain and re-home retired racehorses and placed more than 7,500 in adoptive homes. With seven facilities in Kentucky, Louisiana, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, they continue to work with racing owners and trainers needing equine aftercare options and with their adopters to find perfect homes for these equine athletes.

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