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Bourbon Variety Pack RTD

Bourbon Variety Pack RTD

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Bourbon Ginger Ale - The Horse Neck Bourbon Ginger Ale is a variation of the classic Bourbon-Ginger cocktail with a signature Horse Neck twist, incorporating extra bitters and lime for a unique flavor. This traditional option is perfect for those seeking a casual, yet flavorful, beverage with hints of aged Kentucky Bourbon.

Bourbon Mule Spice - Our Bourbon Mule Spice is like the Horse Neck signature flavor based on the traditional Bourbon-Ginger cocktail but with a touch of heat to give it its deliciously distinctive taste. It's the perfect choice for a poolside refreshment or pre-dinner cocktail with friends. 

Bourbon Cherry Rye - Experience the unparalleled taste of our Bourbon Cherry Rye, a standout in the Horse Neck herd. This distinctive blend combines the bold flavors of ginger, tart dark cherry, a hint of bitters, and high rye Kentucky Bourbon. You will crave another sip, time and time again.

Bourbon La Paloma - Experience the magic of Bourbon La Paloma, a unique blend of aged Kentucky Bourbon and sweet Ruby Red Grapefruit juice. Perfect pairing for a brunch or out on a boat. Savor the deep citrus flavor and woody, caramel notes for a truly remarkable taste that is sure to delight.

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